Colgate® Kid's Toothbrushes

A line of toothbrushes designed for different stages of a child’s oral development

  • Features

    • Extra-soft bristle to protect gums
    • Designed to effectively and gently remove plaque from even difficult-to-reach back teeth
    • Effectively cleans teeth at the mixed dentition stage
    • Introduces the patented tongue cleaner
    • Ergonomic cushioned handles for easier grip and better maneuvering at every age
    • A complete line of effective plaque-removal toothbrushes for every level of children’s oral development from 2 to 5 years and 5 to 9 years.
  • Mode Of Action

    Soft bristles clean teeth of all ages, small cushioned oval head helps protect soft tissue, ergonomic handle for easier grip and better cleaning control.

  • Proof Of Efficacy

    Comparison of the clinical efficacy of the Colgate Smiles Youth Toothbrush as compared to an ADA-accepted toothbrush on gingivitis reduction and plaque removal. 

    Nathoo S, Wachs GN. 

    After 4 weeks of use, subjects returned to the clinical facility for a final oral hard and soft tissue, gingivitis and plaque examination. Sixty (60) subjects complied with the protocol and completed the 4-week clinical study. The results of the study indicated that the new Colgate® Smiles Youth Toothbrush was statistically significantly effective in reducing gingivitis and in removing plaque after 4 weeks. Also, the new Colgate® Youth Toothbrush exhibited a statistically significant greater reduction in gingivitis and in plaque removal after 4 weeks’ use, as compared to the ADA-accepted toothbrush.